Fungicide Resistance Action Committee


  • 03.06.2016

    FRAC MOA Poster 2016 and an updated FRAC List of Fungicide Common Names are now online

    The 2016 version of the FRAC MOA Poster is now available.  This PDF is suitable for printing up to a wall-sized poster print.  Copies may be printed freely for educational purposes only. The FRAC List of Fungicide Common Names has also been updated.  This is a list of all of the fungicides included in the FRAC Code List and the FRAC MOA poster in alphabetical order by common name.

  • 03.06.2016

    Minutes of the Azanapthalene and QoI Working Groups are now available

    Minutes of the 2016 Azanapthalene Working Group meeting and the 2015 meeting of the QoI Working Group are now available on the respective working group websites under general use recommendations. Monitoring results from the 2015 season as well as the 2016 use recommendations are included. 

  • 02.15.2016

    Publication of the FRAC Code List© 2016.

     The 2016 version of the FRAC Code List© is available on the publications page (  Changes to this year's version include:

    1. B6, group 47 was added for phenamacril.
    2. The mode of action for the entire B group was renamed to "Cytoskeleton and motor proteins".
    3. Pydiflumetofen was added to SDHI, group 7.
    4. Validamycin was removed from H3, group 26 and reclassified to U18.
    5. The group name for picarbutrazox in U17 was corrected.
    6. Zinc thiazole was added to category M3.
    7. A new category, M12, was added for the lupine extract branded as BLAD. 

  • 01.11.2016

    A Tribute To FRAC Chairman Andy Leadbeater

    Andy Leadbeater, Chairman of the FRAC Steering Committee, passed away at the end of November 2015. Andy was also the Head of Global Product Biology, Fungicides, for Syngenta. Andy was integral in the development of the science of fungicide resistance management as part of his early work monitoring for resistance to the phenylamides at Ciba-Geigy. He participated directly in FRAC activities; first joining the SBI/DMI Working Group and then shortly thereafter joining the QoI Working Group.  He joined the FRAC Steering Committee in 2004 when he took over the chairmanship of the QoI Working Group. Andy became Chair of the FRAC Steering Committee in 2007.  

    Andy was deeply engaged in the development of resistance management and product stewardship strategies across the industry, helping to secure the long-term effectiveness of many fungicide products for growers around the world. He was an ambassador for resistance management, participating on many committees both within Europe and globally and as an invited speaker at many meetings every year. His broad and deep knowledge of plant pathology and crop protection was well respected and will be missed by his FRAC and Syngenta colleagues as well as the many farmers, crop advisors and researchers with which he interacted. 

    We will remember Andy Leadbeater for his technical excellence, his positive outlook no matter the difficulty and his willingness to mentor new practitioners in the field of resistance management.

    Klaus Stenzel, vice chair of the FRAC SC and chairman of the SBI Working group, will be the interim chair of the FRAC Steering Committee until the election of the new chairman at the Steering Committee meeting in Reinhardsbrunn, Germany in April 2016. Helge Sierotzki will be the interim Chair of the QoI working group.

  • 01.10.2016

    2015 Meeting Minutes and 2016 Use Recommendations published for the SBI Working Group

    The SBI Working Group met during the FRAC WG week on Dec. 04, 2015. Summaries of the monitoring results presented during the WG meeting as well as the 2016 use recommendations are published on the SBI WG page (Minutes of the 2015 Meeting, Recommendations for 2016). The general recommendations for cereals were updated (changes are in bold).

  • 08.19.2015

    FRAC Leaflet "Working Together" updated

    The FRAC Leaflet Working Together is a 4 page brochure that provides an overview of FRAC and its initiatives.  It was recently updated to include new working groups/task forces, and new educational initiatives as well as current contact information.  It is an excellent resource to familiarize new people with the goals of FRAC and the resources we can provide.  It is available for download and printing at

  • 08.19.2015

    Duncan McKenzie elected Scientific Support Officer

    Duncan McKenzie was elected Scientific Support Officer* vice Birgit Foster at the April Steering Committee meeting.  Duncan has significant experience in the crop protection industry first with Ciba-Geigy and later Novartis and Syngenta.  He has been a member of FRAC since its inception in 1982.  He chaired the Phenylamide Working Group for FRAC South Africa and more recently has been part of the global AP and CAA Working Groups as well as the Phenylamide and Benzimidazole Expert Fora.  

    We thank Birgit for her years of dedicated service to the Steering Committee.  

    *Scientific Support Officer is the new title for the person who fills the secretary/treasurer role on the Steering Committee.

  • 05.31.2015

    2014 Monitoring Results and 2015 Use Recommendations updated by QoI Working Group.

    The QoI Working Group updated the 2014 monitoring conclusions for grape downy mildew, grape powdery mildew, Leptosphaeria spp. in oilseed rape, Ramularia in barley, and Cercospora in sugar beets.  The use recommendations for sugar beet diseases were also updated.

  • 03.03.2015

    The minutes of the 2015 Azanapthalene Working Group and 2015 use recommendations are now available.

    The Azanapthalene Working Group met on February 20, 2015 to review the 2014 monitoring results and discuss the 2015 use recommendations.  The minutes of this meeting are now available on the AZN Working Group webpage.  The 2015 use recommendations remain the same as in 2014.

  • 02.15.2015

    FRAC launches new website

    We are excited to bring you the new FRAC Website!  It has a very similar look and feel to the previous version but brings key information to the webpages themselves for easy reference. Some of the key changes are:

    1. The 2015 Use Recommendations are found by crop under the General Use Recommendations tab within each Working Group.  The entire pdf containing the previous year's monitoring results and the current year's use recommendations can still be found at the bottom of the General Use Recommendations page.
    2. We've included a Resistance Overview Section for people who are new to the science of fungicide resistance and its management.  For more information, our 3 monographs can still be found under the Publications tab.
    3. Information on the MOA Expert Panel and how active ingredients get included in the FRAC Code List has been included.
    4. The Benzimidazole Expert Fora has been updated.
    5. A new search feature to find pertinent information is now located at the top right of each page. 

    For comments or suggestions, please contact Lisa Hoffman.

  • 02.15.2015

    2014 Meeting Minutes and 2015 Use Recommendations published for the AP, CAA, SBI, SDHI and QoI Working Groups

    The AP, CAA, SBI, SDHI and QoI Working Groups met during FRAC WG week Dec. 8-10, 2014. Summaries of the monitoring results presented during each WG meeting as well as the 2015 use recommendations are published as pdfs on the individual WG General Use Recommendations webpage.

    The AZN WG meeting minutes will be available shortly.

  • 02.15.2015

    FRAC Code List and FRAC Mode of Action Poster updated

    Both the FRAC Code List and the FRAC Mode of Action Poster were updated in January, 2015. Three new compounds were included in the list.

    1.  Dimethaclone was added to the dicarboximides (E3: Map/Histidine-Kinase in osmotic signal transduction; FRAC Code number 2).  

    2.  A new group within melanin biosynthesis was created for tolprocarb  (I3: polyketide synthase in melanin biosynthesis; FRAC Code number 16.3).  
    3.  A new unknown group was created for picarbutrazox (FRAC Code number U17).

    The FRAC Mode of Action Poster was also updated to reflect these additions.

  • 08.05.2014

    FRAC Pathogen Risk List 2014 updated

    The FRAC Pathogen Risk List was expanded and updated to reflect our evolving understanding of resistance development.  Species-specific information was included to improve clarity.

  • 05.12.2014

    2014 Meeting minutes and 2014 Use Recommendations for the AZN working group is now online

    The minutes of the 2014 AZN WG meeting held March 10, 2014 and the 2014 use recommendations are now online.

  • 04.07.2014

    2013 Meeting minutes and 2014 Use Recommendations for the SDHI, AP, and Banana working groups are now online

    The minutes of the 2013 WG meetings and the 2014 use recommendtaions are now online for the SDHI, AP and Banana working groups.

  • 02.17.2014

    Prof. Phil. E. Russell retires from the FRAC Steering Committee

    Professor Phil Russell retired from the FRAC Steering Committee at the end of 2013. Phil has been a respected scientific expert in fungicide resistance and its management for many years and has been a key and long-serving member of FRAC since its foundation in 1982. Phil was initially a member of the FRAC UK Phenylamide Working Group in 1984, and became a member of the FRAC Steering Committee, as Communications Officer, in 1986. He was the chairman of FRAC during the period 1994-2001. More recently he served as Secretary / Treasurer since 2005. He made many significant contributions to FRAC during his time with the organisation, including compiling and maintaining the list of resistant plant pathogens, advising on Monographs 1 and 2 and authoring FRAC monograph Nr 3 which has become one of the most referred to publications produced by FRAC. The FRAC Steering Committee are very grateful to Phil for all his hard work and dedication to FRAC and the management of fungicide resistance and would like to wish him health and happiness for the future.

  • 02.17.2014

    New SC members elected at the December FRAC Steering Committee meeting

    At the December Steering Committee meeting, three new members were elected to the FRAC Steering committee: Ms. Birgit Foster, (Syngenta, Switzerland) was elected as the new Secretary/Treasurer of FRAC. Birgit succeeds Prof. Phil Russell. Dr. Gerd Stammler (BASF, Germany) succeeds Dr. Michael Merk (BASF, Italyy) as the CAA WG Chair and Dr. Helge Sierotzki, Syngenta (Basel, Switzerland) succeeds Dr. Karl-Heinz Lorenz (BASF, Germany) as the new Banana group chair. We thank Phil, Karl-Heinz and Michael for their dedication and service to the FRAC organization.

  • 02.17.2014

    2013 Meeting minutes and 2014 Use Recommendations for the CAA and QoI working groups...

    ...are now online. The Minutes of the 2013 WG meetings and the 2014 use recommendations are now online for the QoI and CAA working groups.

  • 01.13.2014

    FRAC SBI Working Group 2013 Minutes and Use Recommendations are Online

    The 2013 monitoring data for the SBI fungicides have been reviewed by the FRAC SBI Working Group The use recommendations for 2014 are also available. Further updates have been made in the segments Membership, and Introduction and General Information.
    The SBI-class III – Keto-Reductase-Inhibitors (KRI) - now encompass two molecules.

  • 01.13.2014

    The 2014 FRAC Code List© and 2014 FRAC Mode of Action Poster© are now online

    The 2014 FRAC Code List© and Mode of Action Poster© were revised to include mandestrobin in C3 (inhibition of complex III cytrochrome bc1 at Qo site), oxathiapiprolin in U15 (inhibition of oxysterol binding protein proposed) and tebufloquin in U16 (inhibition of complex III cytochrome bc1, unknown binding site proposed) and move ametoctradin to C8 (complex III cytochrome bc1 at Qo site stigmatellin binding subsite) based on new binding information.


Dr. Juergen Derpmann
FRAC Communication and Website Officer

Bayer AG,
Crop Science Division