Fungicide Resistance Action Committee

FRAC Working Groups and Expert Fora

Working groups (WG), Expert Fora (EF) and the Mode of Action Expert Panel are the major platforms of FRAC. Groups unanimously agree on resistance management guidelines for all fungicides within the mode of action on relevant crops. Guidelines are published on the FRAC website and are regularly reviewed and updated. Additionally, recommendations for fungicides outside of WG or EF are published according to manufactures recommendations.

Recommendations for Fungicide Resistance Management from FRAC Working Groups

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Resistance Management Recommendations from FRAC Expert Fora

Expert Fora are formed when the day to day activities of a Working Group are no longer deemed necessary by the Working Group and the Committee. The Expert Fora are constructed as informal networks of experts around the world. The objective of each Forum is to provide a general overview of the resistance situation globally. Updates are made on an "as needed" basis as new information becomes available.

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Resistance Management Recommendations for Modes of Action not covered by FRAC Working Groups or Expert Fora

This section contains FRAC approved company resistance management recommendations for fungicide MoAs not covered by an active working group. Please refer to the FRAC Code List for important comments on resistance management.

  • Which Fungicides belong to the same FRAC MoA Group. Fungicides of the same FRAC MoA Group are expected to demonstrate a degree of cross resistance once field resistance arises. They are thus not seen as suitable mixing or alternating partners for resistance management purposes.
  • The intrinsic risk of the MoA group, to be used for resistance risk analysis of fungicides (‘low’, ‘medium’ or ‘high’); which defines the need for resistance management.
  • Comments on known (molecular) resistance mechanisms and resistant pathogens (full list, please look here)


For some Mode of Action Groups the manufacturers provided FRAC with recommendations:

FRAC statement on multisite fungicides:

FRAC Guidelines for Multi-Site Fungicides, Biological Control Agents and Plant Defence Inducers:


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Bayer AG,
Crop Science Division

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