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The FRAC Mode of Action (MoA) classification of fungicides provides growers, advisors, extension staff, consultants and crop protection professionals with a guide to the selection of fungicides for use in an effective and sustainable fungicide resistance management strategy.

Due to the structure of FRAC Working Groups, please find Recommendations for Resistance Management in Bananas by following this link:
Link to Recommendations for Resistance Management in Banana.

FRAC statement on multisite fungicides:

FRAC Guidelines for Multi-Site Fungicides, Biological Control Agents and Plant Defence Inducers:

To help navigate through the chemical diversity of fungicides, a search for the fungicide common name in the search-field below will present important information needed for resistance management of the selected fungicide:

  • To which FRAC MoA group belongs the selected fungicide.
  • Which other fungicides belong to the same FRAC MoA Group, thus having a degree of cross resistance. Fungicides of the same FRAC MoA Group are no suitable mixing or alternating partner for resistance management.
  • The intrinsic risk of the selected fungicide used for resistance risk analysis of fungicides (low, medium or high), which define the need for resistance management
  • Comments on known (molecular) resistance mechanism and resistant pathogens (full list, please look here)
  • Link to the annually updated FRAC Recommendations for Resistance Management


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Bayer AG,
Crop Science Division

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FRAC Communication Officer

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