Fungicide Resistance Action Committee

North American FRAC: Objectives

The NA-QoI working group held a meeting on July 30, 2002 during the APS Annual Meeting in Milwaukee where the creation of a North American FRAC (NAFRAC) organization was discussed. The publication of EPA Pesticide Registration (PR) Notice 2001-5 on "Guidance for Pesticide Registrants on Pesticide Resistance Management Labeling" as well as recent public interest in fungicide resistance issues has highlighted the need for an accepted representation from the industry in North America. The NA-QoI group has accepted that role and will make continued efforts to include all interested parties on fungicide resistance management issues. To avoid the creation of an entirely new NAFRAC group and solicit members for this group, the NA-QoI Working Group proposed to the meeting attendees to expand its role so that the group can act as an "official" body for coordinating information and resources on resistance management. 

The following proposals of NAQoI were adopted by the attendees in that NAFRAC will:

  1. Coordinate and identify resources for contact between government, universities, and the public on fungicide resistance management issues.

  2. Assist in the creation of new Working Groups in North America for other areas of chemistry, as they are needed.

  3. Serve as spokesman for the Industry view on fungicide resistance management issues by providing an outlet for comments and position papers from our members.

After this meeting in 2002, three more working groups have been created. As of today the NAFRAC is composed of 4 working groups: QoI, SBI, CAA and AP. All the members of the Working Group are also members of FRAC. The members of NA-FRAC have increased as well as the participation of other chemical companies. NAFRAC will not replace FRAC in North America but will help clarify the FRAC guidelines and policies as required unique to North America.


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