Fungicide Resistance Action Committee

FRAC Working Groups

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Several working groups focused on specific modes of action, one working group, the banana group, focused on a specific commodity, and one working group, the MOA Expert Panel, focused on MOA listings.   New working groups are encouraged to form to coordinate resistance management activities when two or more member companies have compounds of similar mode of action and/or cross-resistance potential exists.  Such a working group may start as a "task force" to decide if a new working group is required. Companies with a compound in the market or in late stage development are encouraged to participate in working groups.  Organizations involved solely in the distribution of a compound are invited to attend certain meetings.  After calling on experts for technical and legal advice, the Working Groups recommend TECHNICAL strategies aimed at prolonging the useful life of the group of fungicides at risk and encourage their implementation.

The FRAC Banana Group is the only crop based Working Group and deals with all modes of action used to control banana diseases. The group includes representatives of the major banana producers as well as representatives from the manufacturers and/or distributors of products based on different AIs.

Working Groups establish and direct collaboration on following topics:

  • Monitoring programs - share methodologies and definitions (in some cases developing common methodologies), establish base-line data, agree to joint interpretation of results.
  • Research – define areas of basic and applied research that needs to be done, help to influence the direction, methodology and reporting of work already done.
  • Educational programs – encourage the publication of research results and provide relevant information to the Committee.
  • Verification of reports on resistance, statements, investigations, remedies.
  • Formulation of use strategies in terms of resistance prevention or delay and checking on the implementation of such strategies.
  • Monitoring and guiding the activity of national/regional sub-groups.


Dr. Andreas Goertz

Bayer AG,
Crop Science Division

Dr. Courtney Gallup
FRAC Communication Officer

Corteva Agriscience
Crop Protection Discovery & Development

Dr. Dietrich Hermann
FRAC Engagement Officer