Fungicide Resistance Action Committee

Introduction and General Information

AnilinoPyrimidines (AP) are highly active fungicides against a broad range of fungi. The FRAC AP Working Group discusses the sensitivity situation and use guidelines for control of Botrytis and Venturia for the commercialized AP fungicides cyprodinil, pyrimethanil and mepanipyrim.

Go directly to FRAC-Recommendations for Resistance Management for AP Fungicides.

The use of APs for control of Black Sigatoka is included in the FRAC Banana Working Group.

All of the above-mentioned fungicides exhibit cross-resistance and are grouped under the FRAC Group 9 in the FRAC Code List.

Code Target site of action Group name Chemical group Common name Comments
9 methionine biosynthesis (cgs gene, proposed) AP - fungicides (Anilino- Pyrimidines) anilino- pyrimidines  cyprodinil            mepanipyrim               pyrimethanil Resistance known in Botrytis and Venturia, sporadically in Oculimacula.

Medium risk

See FRAC Anilinopyrimidine guidelines for resistance management

The mode of action includes inhibition of methionine biosynthesis and secretion of hydrolytic enzymes. APs are cross-resistant, but show no cross-resistance with other fungicide groups.

Sensitivity monitoring studies over several years have shown that there is a medium resistance risk of Botrytis and Venturia to APs.


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