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Please find below the most recent updates on the FRAC website including FRAC Mode of Action Poster, Code List and annually updated Minutes of the FRAC Working Group meetings containing the Summary of Monitoring activities and Resistance Management Recommendations.

  • 01.13.2014

    FRAC SBI Working Group 2013 Minutes and Use Recommendations are Online

    The 2013 monitoring data for the SBI fungicides have been reviewed by the FRAC SBI Working Group The use recommendations for 2014 are also available. Further updates have been made in the segments Membership, and Introduction and General Information.
    The SBI-class III – Keto-Reductase-Inhibitors (KRI) - now encompass two molecules.

  • 01.13.2014

    The 2014 FRAC Code List© and 2014 FRAC Mode of Action Poster© are now online

    The 2014 FRAC Code List© and Mode of Action Poster© were revised to include mandestrobin in C3 (inhibition of complex III cytrochrome bc1 at Qo site), oxathiapiprolin in U15 (inhibition of oxysterol binding protein proposed) and tebufloquin in U16 (inhibition of complex III cytochrome bc1, unknown binding site proposed) and move ametoctradin to C8 (complex III cytochrome bc1 at Qo site stigmatellin binding subsite) based on new binding information.

  • 04.29.2013

    2013 FRAC Code List© updated

    2013 FRAC Code List© category F was updated to reflect the current changes in taxonomy for Bacillus subtilus/B. amyloliquefaciens

  • 03.21.2013

    Updated List of Plant Pathogenic Organisms - February 2013 is now online

    The 2012 monitoring data and 2013 use recommendations for AZN fungicides are now available on the AZN working group webpage.

  • 02.26.2013

    FRAC SDHI Working Group 2012 Minutes and 2013 Use Recommendations are now online

    The 2012 monitoring data for SDHI fungicides have been reviewed by the SDHI Working Group and are now online along with the 2013 use recommendations. A corrected version of the "Published and newer cases of SDHI resistance in fungi" is also available.


Dr. Courtney Gallup
FRAC Communication and Website Officer

Dr. Courtney Gallup
FRAC Communication Officer

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