Founded in 2012 to support the FRAC steering committee with the scientific evaluation of requests to include new or change groupings for fungicidal compounds on the FRAC Mode of Action Code List and related publications.

Key objectives are:
  • Scientific evaluation of information on mode of action provided by manufacturers.
  • Liaise with manufacturers, licensees or other responsible organizations in order to agree to the mode of action of new agents.
  • Review new literature to proactively challenge current classification in the list (we are open for external inputs).

The panel operates without face to face meetings and is represented by the chairperson on the FRAC steering committee.  Inclusion of a fungicide/natural product/ biological control agent in the FRAC Code List is purely a technical classification according to scientific data.  It is not an endorsement, nor an "approval" that any products are "valuable for resistance management". 





Dr. Dietrich Hermann

Syngenta Crop Protection AG
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