Fungicide Resistance Action Committee



FRAC Code List and FRAC Mode of Action Poster updated

Both the FRAC Code List and the FRAC Mode of Action Poster were updated in January, 2015. Three new compounds were included in the list.

1.  Dimethaclone was added to the dicarboximides (E3: Map/Histidine-Kinase in osmotic signal transduction; FRAC Code number 2).  

2.  A new group within melanin biosynthesis was created for tolprocarb  (I3: polyketide synthase in melanin biosynthesis; FRAC Code number 16.3).  
3.  A new unknown group was created for picarbutrazox (FRAC Code number U17).

The FRAC Mode of Action Poster was also updated to reflect these additions.


Dr. Juergen Derpmann
FRAC Communication and Website Officer

Bayer AG,
Crop Science Division