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Fungicides have become an integral part of efficient food production. The loss of a fungicide to agriculture through resistance is a problem that affects us all.

FRAC works to prolong the effectiveness of fungicides liable to encounter resistance problems and to limit crop losses should resistance appear.

What`s new

  • 07.24.2018

    FRAC Mode of Action App available for Android & Apple mobile devices

    This easy to use database that allows you to identify all fungicides in any given mode of action group. Also, the app allows the user to search by fungicide. It is free to download from the iTunes Apple Store or the Google Play Store and is suitable for use with tablets and smartphones.

  • 07.06.2018

    FRAC statement on the importance of multisite fungicides for resistance management available for download

    Multisite fungicides (see FRAC Group M) are widely used in spray programs, especially in crops with multiple sprays such as fruits and vegetables, or certain arable crops.

    This statement (link) explains the use of multisite fungicides in resistance management as mixing partners or in alternation with single site and other medium to high resistance risk fungicides.

  • 07.04.2018

    Minutes and guidelines of the Banana Working Group are now available

    Minutes and guidelines of the Banana Working Group (WG) from the meeting on April 30th to  May 1st 2018 are now available.

    A summary of monitoring-data is given in the Banana WG minutes (link) in English. A Spanish version will follow in due time.

    Recommendations were extended for two chemical classes (QiI and Toluamides). Based on the monitoring, the alternation interval of DMIs was extended  to "if possible [to] 2 cycles with other MoA in between". For the soil treatment of SDHIs for nematicidal use the sentence "Soil and foliar applications should preferably synchronized." was added. No further changes were made to Banana Fungicide Use Guidelines for 2018 (link)



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