These recommendations are crop (and disease) specific recommendations which should be used in ADDITION to the general use recommendations to manage resistance development. These are excerpted from the minutes of the annual meeting of the WG.

QoI Guidelines - Cereals

(no changes in Dec. 2018 update compared to previous recommendations)

Where the guidelines were followed, field performance of QoI containing spray programs was good. It continues to be essential to use non-cross resistant mixture partners (e.g. SBIs, multisites) to ensure robust disease management. This will also help to delay the evolution of resistance, especially in regions with no resistance or where resistance is at low levels.

Therefore the recommendations remain unchanged.

Guidelines for using QoI fungicides on cereal crops.

  1. Apply QoI fungicides always in mixtures with non-cross resistant fungicides to control cereal pathogens. At the rate chosen the respective partner(s) on its/ their own has/ have to provide effective disease control. Refer to manufacturers recommendations for rates.
  2. Apply a maximum of 2 QoI fungicide containing sprays per cereal crop. Limiting the number of sprays is an important factor in delaying the build-up of resistant pathogen populations.
  3. Apply QoI fungicides according to manufacturers recommendations for the target disease (or complex) at the specific crop growth stage indicated.
  4. Apply the QoI fungicide preventively or as early as possible in the disease cycle. Do not rely only on the curative potential of QoI fungicides.
  5. Split / reduced rate program, using repeated applications, which provide continuous selection pressure, accelerate the development of resistant populations and therefore must not be used. 

 For a printer friendly version of these use recommendations see section p.14 of  Minutes of the 2016 QoI Meeting, Recommendations for 2017




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