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Minutes and recommendations of the QoI Working Group including the new Group 11A during the telephone conference on 17th of June now available

Minutes and recommendations of the QoI Working Group from the telephone conference on 17th of June are now available. Also, the new QoI FRAC code 11A was added. Fungicides within FRAC code groups 11 and 11A are all in the same cross-resistance group and should be managed accordingly. However, fungicides in the code group 11A are not cross-resistant to fungicides in the code group 11 for resistance based on the G143A mutation.


The updated summary of monitoring-data, especially on soy and cotton diseases, for QoI is given in the minutes:


The general recommendations of the WG QoI for 2020 were updated with the following paragraphs on the FRAC group 11A:

The QoI fungicide in subgroup A (metyltetraprole), Code 11A fungicide, is not cross resistant with Code 11 fungicides on the pathogens with the G143A mutation.

Limitation of the total number of QoI applications is detailed in the specific crop recommendations. In consideration of the cross-resistance profiles of subgroups 11 and 11A, the maximum allowed number of QoI-containing sprays is increased by one, where both QoI fungicides (code 11) and QoI fungicides in subgroup A (code 11A) are included in a spray program in a given cropping season. All crop-specific recommendations will be regularly reviewed based on sensitivity monitoring.

Use of mixtures containing only QoI fungicides (including two-way mixtures of code 11 fungicide and code 11A fungicide) must not be considered as an anti-resistance measure.


Dr. Juergen Derpmann
FRAC Communication and Website Officer

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