Fungicide Resistance Action Committee



New SC members elected at the December FRAC Steering Committee meeting

At the December Steering Committee meeting, three new members were elected to the FRAC Steering committee: Ms. Birgit Foster, (Syngenta, Switzerland) was elected as the new Secretary/Treasurer of FRAC. Birgit succeeds Prof. Phil Russell. Dr. Gerd Stammler (BASF, Germany) succeeds Dr. Michael Merk (BASF, Italyy) as the CAA WG Chair and Dr. Helge Sierotzki, Syngenta (Basel, Switzerland) succeeds Dr. Karl-Heinz Lorenz (BASF, Germany) as the new Banana group chair. We thank Phil, Karl-Heinz and Michael for their dedication and service to the FRAC organization.


Dr. Juergen Derpmann
FRAC Communication and Website Officer

Bayer AG,
Crop Science Division