FRAC Guidelines

FRAC Guidelines for resistance management are produced by the individual FRAC Working Groups and Expert Fora. These Guidelines provide information on how to use specific areas of fungicide chemistry for control of plant diseases on various crops while maintaining a good anti-resistance strategy.

The Guidelines should be regarded as presenting the minimum resistance management strategy required and it is possible that a more stringent strategy should be used in individual cases. FRAC recommends that you seek advice from your local resistance management organisation (e.g. local country FRAC or FRAG), your local crop advisor, or the manufacturer or distributor of the product to see if a more restrictive strategy is recommended.

The FRAC Guidelines deal only with areas of fungicide chemistry. FRAC is not allowed to make specific recommendations for the use of individual products. If you require advice on which active ingredients to use in your disease control programme, please consult your local crop advisor or the distributor or manufacturer of potential products





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