There is currently no FRAC Working Group on dicarboximides. Instead an informal network of experts around the world has been formed which exists to optimise information exchange on dicarboximide resistance. Requests for information should be addressed either to the Chairperson or directly to individual expert members of the network. 

Member Organisation
Dr. A. Mehl (chair), Bayer CropScience
Mr. J-M.Gouot ex Bayer CropScience (retired)
Dr. K. Klappach, BASF AG
Prof. P.E. Russell, Private Consulant
Dr. H. Huber, Spiess AG



Dr. Andreas Mehl

Bayer AG, Crop Science Division
Alfred-Nobel-Str. 50,
Building 6240
D-40789 Monheim

Tel: 49-2173-383797

E-Mail: Dr. Andreas Mehl