FRAC Central Steering Committee

Dr. D. Hermann Syngenta Crop Protection, Switzerland Chair - FRAC Steering Committee / Chair - MoA Expert Panel
Dr. K. Stenzel Bayer AG, Germany Vice-Chair - FRAC Steering Committee / Chair - SMI Fungicides WG
Dr. J. Derpmann
Bayer AG, Germany Communication and Website Officer
Dr. D. McKenzie Consultant, Switzerland Scientific Support Officer
Mr. J.-L. Genet DuPont Crop Protection, France Chair - Benzimidazoles Expert Forum
Dr. G. Kemmitt Dow Agrosciences, UK Chair - Azanaphthalene Fungicides WG/ Editor, FRAC MOA Poster
Dr. K. Klappach BASF SE, Germany Chair - SDHI Fungicides WG
Dr. H. Sierotzki Syngenta Crop Protection, Switzerland Chair - QoI Fungicides WG  
Dr. A. Mehl Bayer AG, Germany Chair - Anilinopyrimidines Fungicides WG/ Chair - Dicarboximides Expert Forum
Dr. G. Stammler BASF SE, Germany Chair - CAA Fungicides WG
Dr. Karl-Heinz Lorenz BASF SE, Germany  Bayer AG, Germany
Dr. R. Rodrigues BASF, Brazil Chair - Brazil FRAC
Dr. G. Olaya Syngenta Crop Protection, USA Chair - North America FRAC
Dr. K. Tanabe Nippon Soda, Japan Chair - Japan FRAC





Dr. Dietrich Hermann

Syngenta Crop Protection AG
Research and Development
WRO 1008-2-12
CH 4002 Basel, Switzerland

Tel: +41 61 32 30983

Dr. Juergen Derpmann
FRAC Communication and Website Officer

Bayer AG, Crop Science Division

Duncan Mackenzie 2

Duncan McKenzie
Scientific Support Officer